The centre

Europe Direct Information Centre – Central Region, Malta

EDIC Central Region Malta has an outreach role to keep the society informed about various EU related topics and inform the citizens about their rights through:

  • organization of workshop and seminars;
  • dissemination of electronic newsletters;
  • dissemination of publications and brochures
  • post regular updates to the dedicated website and FB page;
  • answer and respond to emails, telephone or face to face questions and requests

We intend to provide free information and publications on the EU including awareness of EU institutions, policies, legislation, programmes and funding opportunities.

How can we help you?

We can help you by providing you with:

  • Immediate answer to general questions related to the EU though phone calls, emails, or face to face contacts;
  • Directions to the best sources of information/advice and contact details (at EU, national or local level);
  • Information on your rights and opportunities as an EU citizen and how to exercise them
  • More specialized information (if necessary);
  • EU publications and brochures.